Maximizing Human's Ability to Understand One's Embodied and Social Experiences

as_icon_128 Augmented Surgeon | 3D Interface and Exoskeletons to Enhance a Surgeon's Hand Function and Cognitive Capabilities
bs_icon_128 bioSync | Blending Kinesthetic Experiences among People
bs_icon_128 Wired Muscle | Enhancing the Sense of Agency while Sharing Kinesthetic Experience
ch_icon 128 CHILDHOOD | Egocentric Child Experience by Changing Visual and Haptic Perspectives
dr_icon 128 Drops | Assistive Toys for Hearing-impaired Children by Augmenting Auditory Perception
nui_icon_128 [past] Third IF | Wearable bio-signal Devices for Enhancing Desktop and Device Operation
ps_icon 128 [past] Particles | Visualizing Formulas in Physics & Chemistry using a Particle Collision Simulator
ga_icon [past] AmebaPlane | Evolutionary Structure Design of an Model Airplane using a Heuristic Algorithm
rc_icon_128 [past] Realtime Coop Platform | Server Platform for Assisting in Constructing Real-time Collaboration Environment
mc_icon [past] Mocap System | Motion Capture System for Augmenting Desktop GUI & Mobile Robots