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Understanding One's Embodied and Social Experiences by Providing New Perspectives using Augmented Human Technologies

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In order to understand one’s physical and cognitive characteristics in an embodied manner, it is important to establish an environment in our body in which a leaner can acquire one’s embodied knowledge based on the learner’s egocentric embodied activities in a real space, but not presenting one’s embodied informations on a computer screen. I have developed several wearable devices to achieve this concept: 1) a wearable AR device which provides a child’s visual perspective by modifying the wearer’s height of lie of sight; 2) a pair of hand exoskeletons which provides a child’s haptic perspective by scaling down the wearer’s hand dimension; and 3) a pair of wearable devices which provides a patient’s kinesthetic perspective by sharing muscle activity among people. These devices allow the wearers to acquire one’s embodied knowledge from their subjective and embodied experiences since their perceptions of body are modified. I defined such new perspectives toward other people formed by this phenomena as HYPERSPECTIVE (hyper + perspective). I explore hyperspective technologies for assisting mutual understanding among people in the fields of rehabilitation, education, and design process.



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